Udatschny (Russian Удачный, Yakut Удачнай / Udatschnaj ) is a city in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia ) (Russia) with 12,613 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is located on the Wiljuiplateau, about 1300 km north-west of the Republic capital Yakutsk, the river and its tributary Daldyn Sytykan. The Daldyn is a left tributary of the opening into the Wiljui Marcha. The climate is continental.

The city is administratively Udatschny the Rajon Mirny assumed. It consists of three, spaced- several kilometers districts Nadjoschny, Novy Gorod and Polyarny.

Udatschny has an airport and is connected by a paved road with Aichal, the 500 km south Rajonverwaltungszentrum Mirny and Lensk on the Lena.


1955 Kimberlitschlot Udatschnaja ( 66.4 N, 112.3 O) was discovered 66.435115112.316208, but initially not being exploited because of towards the diamond deposits at Mirny much more northerly location. 1968, but was named after the vent settlement ( udatschny and udatschnaja are Russian adjective forms of Udacha for happiness, success). In 1987, the site of a town.

On 2 October 1974, seven kilometers northwest of the resort, 4 km from the diamond mine, under the pseudonym crystal at a shallow depth (98 m) an underground nuclear explosion of 1.7 kilotons carried out 66 ° 27 ' 26 " N, 112 ° 23 ' 56 " O66.457277112.398905330. With eight originally planned blasting a dam should be built for the waste water from the factory for enriching the diamondiferous rocks. Due to problems with, contrary to plans leaked radioactive products they left it but when a blast - one of the few ever conducted with civilian targets. It was not until 18 years later was the bore in which took place the blowing up, sealed with an estimated seven to twenty feet thick rock " sarcophagus ".


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Udatschny is the second most important to Mirny center of diamond mining by the Russian state-owned company ALROSA.