Udy River

Location of Udy ( Уды ) in the catchment area of the Seversky Donets

The Udy (Russian Уды, Ukrainian Уди, also Уда ( Uda ) ) is a right tributary of the Seversky Donets Oblast Belgorod in Russian and Ukrainian Oblast Kharkiv.

The Udy springs on the southwestern edge of the center plate in the Russian Belgorod Oblast. It flows in the upper reaches in the direction southsouthwest in Kharkiv Oblast. It flows through the small Rogosjansker reservoir and turns to the east. It flows along the southern edge of the city Kharkiv, where he resumes its largest tributary, the Lopan ( Лопань ) from the left. The Udy continues its run away to the east and ends after 164 km southwest of Tschuhujiw right side in the Seversky Donets. The Udy drains an area of ​​3890 km ². The river is mainly fed by snowmelt. The Oblauf of Udy is frozen during the winter months usually 4 ½ months. The mean discharge ( MQ ) 42 km above the mouth is 11 m³ / s