UE Lleida

Unio Esportiva Lleida was a Spanish football club based in the Catalan city of Lleida.


The club was founded in 1939 under the name of Lerida Balompié. In March 1947, the club merged with Leridano and was named Unión Deportiva Lerida and played in the third Spanish league. Within two years, succeeded the walkover in the Primera División, where you though 1950/51 played only one season. After six years could be kept the class, one rose in 1957 as 20th in the Tercera División. In the following years they commuted except for a trip to the Segunda División 1965-1968 between the fourth and third class game back and forth. 1978, the club went out of its present name. 1987 managed to rise again in the second highest Spanish league. After two years it rose from again, but managed as a table first direct resurgence. After 3 years of being second class in 1993 succeeded the return to the top flight, the Primera División. Again, the descent could not be avoided and UE Lleida played again until 2001 in the Segunda División. It was followed by three years in the Segunda División B, before one from 2004 to 2006 was second-rate again. Since 2006 they played again in the Segunda División B. Because of debt in the amount of 28 million euros was followed in May 2011, the management of the association. Its starting point was then auctioned and purchased by a resident of Lleida entrepreneurs. The successor club called Lleida Esportiu.


  • La Liga: 1950/51, 1993/94

League membership

  • La Liga: 2 seasons
  • Segonda Liga: 24 seasons
  • Segonda División B: 13 seasons
  • Tercera División: 22 seasons

Known player

  • Argentina Pascual Garrido
  • Argentina Rodrigo Bilbao
  • Argentina Mariano Herrón
  • Brazil Helcio Ferreira
  • Brazil Simplicio
  • Brazil Vlademir
  • Brazil Renaldo
  • Croatia Elvis Scoria
  • Mate Bilic Croatia
  • France Julien Poueys
  • Ghana Baba Sule
  • Japan Sotaro Yasunaga
  • Macedonia Goran Stanic
  • Nigeria Michael Emenalo
  • Paraguay Carlos Gonzalez
  • Romania Sabin Ilie
  • Serbia Jovan Stanković
  • Serbia Rahim Besirovic
  • Serbia Goran Milosevic
  • Serbia Ilija Stolica
  • Turkey Hükan Sünly
  • Serbia Radoslav Radulovic
  • Serbia Istvan Dudas
  • Serbia Ardijan Đokaj
  • Spain Raúl Tamudo
  • Uruguay Julio Rodriguez
  • Venezuela Miguel Vitali
  • Spain Sergio Busquets