The Fribourg (also Üchtland and Uechtland, formerly Uchtland, [Map 1 ] [Map 2] Oechtland, Öchtland and Ouchtland and with initial N (of in UEE ) Nüechtland and Nüchtland [ Map 3]. Nuitonie and Nuithonie French, Italian Neuchtlandia, latin Nuithonia ) is a former landscape in the west of Switzerland, in the cities of Bern and Freiburg are.

The term is used in modern times as a suffix for the Swiss city of Freiburg to distinguish it from German Freiburg im Breisgau.

Name history

The emergence of the German name " Fribourg " is unclear. It is thought that the name uhte of Middle High German, uohta for Dawn ' and therefore, village near Nachtweide ' infers. Another explanation assumes that Üechtland leave ( for, meadow, grassland ') derived from the Badlands. Another explanation derives the name from the former owners, the men to Oesch in Château d'Oex, and therefore the old spelling Oechtland.

The French name " Nuitonie " suggests an origin of French nuiton for ' suspect Imp. Until modern times, were circulating in western Switzerland legends about the elf king Nuithon (also known as water spirit Niton, Nuton or Neton derived from the ancient water god Neptune), is said to have buried his treasure in the river bed of the Sarine.


The area between the rivers Sarine in the west and in the east Aare served in the 9th century as a border region between the predominantly Burgundian population west of the Sarine and the majority Alemannic population east of the River Aare. [ Triv. 1] settled Stronger it was in the 12th century by the urban planning of the Dukes of Zahringen, which opened up the Üechtland with Fribourg and Bern. [ Triv. 1]

The name has been demonstrated since the Middle Ages as a landscape designation, but no administrative unit has since been occupied with that name. In the Middle Ages the name designated the geographical area from the foot of the Fribourg Alps of Fribourg, the Sarine river and Sense to Murten ( historically Üechtsee ), occasionally up to the Lake Biel and to Solothurn. The Üechtland was also referred to as the " lowland Freiburg ".

Former use

In old documents can be found for the city of Bern ( Verona Latinized ) the name " Verona Fribourg " to distinguish from Verona in Italy, in the German language formerly known as 'Bern' or to distinguish it from Bern in Switzerland, as " Welsch -Bern "or" Dietrich of Bern " was called. Therefore occasionally also found the name "Bern Fribourg " (or similar) use. [ Map 3 ]