Uetendorf is a municipality in the administrative district of Thun in the canton of Bern ( Switzerland ). It lies at the foot of Moränenwalles between the headwaters of the Gürbe and the vast plain of Aaretales near the city of Thun and is drained by the Glütschbach.

The municipality consists of the following villages and hamlets: Uetendorf - Allmend, Chandermatte, Gibliz, Uetendorfberg, book keeping, Willerüti and cargo.

Linguistically, the name Uetendorf from the Old High German Uoto and the generic word village is formed. The previous basic form was Uotindorf (village of the Uto ).


Uetendorf is first mentioned in 994, when the German king Otto III. ( HRR ) to the hamlet of the monastery Selz in Alsace gives. Until 1798 Uetendorf was not much more than a place name and a description for a dominion. The village community had no political rights. Only with the Bernese constitution of 1831 Uetendorf was a separate municipality.


The voting shares of the parties at the national elections of 2011 were: SVP 37.3 %, 15.8% BDP, SP 13.7%, 7.6%, GPS, EPP 6.8%, FDP 5.0%, EDU 4.9 %, glp 3.6%, CVP 1.3%, SD 1.0%.


  • Otto Steiger (1909-2005), a radio newscaster and writer, born in Uetendorf
  • Christian Pfister (* 1944 in Uetendorf ), historian
  • Gottardo Gottardi (* 1961), correspondence chess player, lives in Uetendorf
  • Albert rosti ( born 1967), SVP politician, National Councillor, councilor in Uetendorf
  • Calimeros, founded in 1976 Uetendorf pop band
  • Luca Haenni (* 1994), winner of Germany sucht den Superstar, lives in Uetendorf



Uetendorf is since 1 January 2007 the legal seat of the Falkensteiner Federal.