Uffheim is an Alsatian village with 873 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Haut-Rhin. It belongs to the district Mulhouse, on the Canton Sierentz and community association Pays de Sierentz.


Uffheim halfway between Mulhouse and Basel is located about 1.5 km southwest of the Canton main town Sierentz. The municipality covers 436 hectares and is located 270-319 meters above sea level. Three streams flow in parallel from west to east through the municipality: the Sauruntz, the Mühlbach and Eschenbach ditch.


Uffheim 916 was first mentioned in writing in connection with a donation to the monastery of Einsiedeln. The area around Uffheim and Sierentz but was already inhabited during the Bronze Age, which excavations confirmed.

The village was under the bailiwick in Landser, later to 1648 the Habsburgs, ecclesiastically, it belonged to the monastery of St. Alban in Basel.



The present church was built in 1829 in place of a chapel, which was in 1782 appointed to the parish church.


The painter Sebastian Gutzwiller (1798-1872) comes from Uffheim.