The UFI, formerly also Union des Foires International, Union of International Fairs and Association of International Fairs is the trade association for the world's largest organizer of exhibitions and owners of fairgrounds. The Association has its headquarters in Paris.


The UFI is understood as communication, marketing and training platform for their members. Further investigations are carried out to industry and represent their interests through regional associations.


The Association was founded on 15 April 1925 in Milan by the then 20 European exhibition organizers as Union des Foires Internationales. After the Second World War she took her 1947 work on the new headquarters in Paris again. With the inclusion of non-European members of the organization including many members from the Eastern bloc grew by 1975 to 99 members from 40 countries. The global growth aspirations stopped, so that the UFI 1991 153 members counted, of which 110 European members. In subsequent years, other national and international associations of the industry and owner of fairgrounds could join the association. In 2003 it was renamed the UFI.

Currently (2010) the Association has 540 members who perform around 4,500 trade shows with a total of 150 million visitors. 858 trade fairs get the created by the Association seal of approval UFI approved event.