Ughetto Bertucci

Ughetto Bertucci (actually Ugo Bertucci; born October 18, 1907 in Rome, † June 25, 1966 ) was an Italian actor.


Bertucci worked as a fruit vendor on a Roman market, and had a run-down truck when he got written by Mario Mattoli a role in the body, the fruit of a dealer in the 1945 film La vita ricomincia incurred. The small stature, lean Bertucci now pursued in addition to his market a second career as a supporting actor of many films whose characters he next comedian greats such as Totò, Erminio Macario and Walter Chiari awakened with his cheerful, light-hearted mood to life. Although he never escaped his once established cliché and was never seen in major roles, but managed to maintain until the end of the 1950s in the film business and then moved slowly aware of the industry back. His last film he made in 1961, again for Mario Mattoli.

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