Ugo Pasquale Mifsud

Sir Ugo Mifsud Pasquala ( born September 12, 1889 in Valletta, † February 11, 1942 ) was a Maltese politician and twice Prime Minister of Malta.

Studies and activities as a legal scholar

After completing his studies in law at the University of Malta in 1910 he settled as a lawyer.

As such, he became a recognized expert on international law, was a member of the International Law Association, as well as participants at the meeting in biennial conferences on problems of international law in Brussels. In 1928 he was president of the Committee for Radio and Radio Recruitment at a conference in Warsaw. In the same year was a delegate at a conference of the Parliamentary Association of the British Empire in Canada. During a conference in Oxford on International Law 1932, he was elected a member of the Executive Committee and Vice-President. Finally, in 1934 the president of a conference for trademarks in Budapest.

Political career

After the National Assembly had passed through the initiative of Sir Filippo Sciberras the task of developing a constitution Mifsud was the secretary of the Work Committee. In 1921 he successfully ran as the candidate of " Unione Popolare Maltese " ( UPM ) for the Legislative Assembly. In the cabinets of the first Prime Minister Joseph Howard and his successor Francesco Buhagiar, he was Minister of Industry and Trade ( 1921-1924 ), Postmaster General ( 1921-1922 and 1923-1924 ) and Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries ( 1921-1922 and 1923-1924 ).

First term as prime minister ( 1924-1927 )

Following the resignation of Buhagiar in September 1924 Mifsud was first prime minister and was also the youngest Prime Minister of the British Empire. After the merger of UPM and the PDN of the later Prime Minister Dr. Enrico Mizzi 1926 new " Partito Nazionalista " (PN) he was next Mizzi Co - Chairman of the PN. However, in August 1927, he was defeated by Gerald Strickland. In his cabinets, he was at times also Finance Minister ( 1926-1927 ) and Minister of Justice ( 1926-1927 ).

Second term as prime minister ( 1932-1933 )

In 1932 he defeated Strickland in a statewide success of the PN. On June 21, 1932, he was again Prime Minister of Malta. This office he held until the abolition of the Maltese Constitution November 2, 1933. He was the last Maltese Prime Minister until the end of World War II. As prime minister, he led in 1932 a Maltese delegation to the then British colonial secretary, Sir Philip Cunliffe Lister. This delegation handed over a memorandum unsuccessful amending the status of Malta from a colony to dominion. During his second term as Prime Minister, he was also re- Minister of Justice and Minister of Industry and Trade.

1939 Mifsud was a member of the Government Council. During an emergency debate on the deportation of Maltese nationals due to a British intention on February 9, 1942, he suffered a heart attack and died two days later.


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