Ugress is an electro project from Bergen ( Norway). The driving force behind the project is Gisle Martens Meyer.

Ugress released five albums. The first Resound (2002), was a great success and climbed to number two on the official Norwegian charts. The second album Cinematronics appeared two years later, but did not win the popularity of its predecessor. Unicorn, the third album was released on 28 January 2008. On 15 June 2009, the fourth studio album Reminiscience followed. In July 2010, the compilation " Collectronics ", which combines adjacent to a previously unreleased song (" Nightswimming " ) previously published EP and single numbers appeared. The album, however, is only available in the download.

Ugress is the Norwegian word for weed.

The music of Ugress can be compared with that of artists like Parov Stelar, Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, and the Propellerheads. Frequently similarities with Röyksopp be assumed, but the music of Ugress as a " dirtier " is described style. Ugress is also known for a large number of short audio clips of various artists and television broadcasts in their titles to process. It is often incorrectly assumed Ugress is the only project of Gisle Martens Meyer. It is actually this is only one of five current projects that have appeared under the label Uncanny Records.


  • 2000: E- Pipe ( Demo LP)
  • 2001: Ugress (Promo CD)
  • 2002: Lounge Master (12 " LP)
  • 2002: Resound ( music CD and LP)
  • 2003: La Passion de Jeanne D' Arc ( Silent Film Soundtrack)
  • 2004: Cinematronics (Album - CD, LP and MC)
  • 2005: Cowboy Desperado (Compilation )
  • 2006: Sophisticated Wickedness EP ( Digital LP)
  • 2006: Film Music ( Limitied Edition CD)
  • 2006: Retroconnaissance EP ( Digital LP)
  • 2006: Cosmonaut EP ( Digital LP)
  • 2007: Chromosome Corrupt EP ( Digital LP)
  • 2008: Unicorn ( music CD)
  • 2009: Reminiscience ( music CD)