UGS Corp.

Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc., shortly Siemens PLM Software ( formerly known as UGS Corporation, previously known as Unigraphics Solutions Inc. ) is an American software developer from Plano (Texas ), which refers to products of the 3D representation for CAD development and PLM software specializes.

Following the acquisition by Siemens AG, the company trades as Siemens PLM Software and is an area of the Industry Automation Division in the Industry ( I IA PL) sector.


The company is now owned by Siemens - the European Commission has approved the acquisition without conditions after completion of the antitrust review.


The main products in the UGS program are the programs NX, a commercial software package for the areas of CAD, CAM and CAE, as well as the program package Teamcenter, the management of design data (PDM ) and the design within the company group (CPD bzw.cPDM ) supported. The product range also I- DEAS NX, NX, Solid Edge, Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, RobCad, NX Nastran, Jack, SDK, Femap, D -Cubed, JT, PLM Vis, PLM XML, and Parasolid include products.

The company's products are mainly used in the aerospace industry, in companies in the defense sector, with manufacturers of mechanical engineering, automotive and transportation sector as well as in the electronics and telecommunications industries for 3D design, construction accompanying data and parts management, and supporting the Group's design collaboration and production planning used.


The last known as UGS company was founded as United Computing in 1963 over a barber shop in Torrance ( California). The first salable product had the name UNIAPT. It was developed in 1969 by the former company United Computing and was one of the world's first CAM products for end users. In 1973, the software source code for the Automated Drafting and Machining (ADAM ) program was purchased by MCS. This code was based on a software called UNI -GRAPHICS, which was sold in 1975 as Unigraphics.

The following year, United Computing was acquired by the air carriers McDonnell Douglas, which built several new CAD / CAM departments, one of them under the name of Unigraphics. In 1980, Unigraphics was the first hardware and software package of the Group for the design of bodies in three-dimensional representation released for sale.

With the takeover of the company by McDonnell Douglas, the company headquarters was moved to St. Louis. In the year 1991, the McDonnell Douglas Systems Integration departments, including Unigraphics, adopted by the company under the new name EDS EDS Unigraphics. In 1997, the Department Unigraphics was transformed into an independent subsidiary Unigraphics Solutions, in which at the same time the field of mechanical engineering software from Intergraph, was with the products Solid Edge and EMS integrated. EDS brought a certain part of the company on the stock market, but remained the majority shareholder. During this time, Unigraphics himself took over some companies, including the previously in Ames ( Iowa) -been established Engineering Animation Inc., which deals with visualization.

In 1999 the company was taken over Applicon that in the field EDA has worked for a long time. In 2001 the company was renamed in UGS, EDS bought back all the shares in the market and also took over the company Structural Dynamics Research Corporation ( SDRC ), a former competitor of Unigraphics. UGS and SDRC became the division LOB ( Line of Business ), better known under the name of EDS PLM Solutions, merged. In 2004, EDS sold the business to the private equity firm Bain Capital, Silver Lake Partners and Warburg Pincus. Since August 2004, UGS has its headquarters in Plano (Texas ) and since then has been exclusively in private hands. In 2005, UGS also took over the company Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd..

On 25 January 2007 the company Siemens announced that an acquisition of UGS for integration into its Automation & Drives Division (now Industry Automation & Drive Technologies IA & DT) is provided for a cost of $ 3.5 billion. The competent institutions of the EU Commission, the takeovers reviewed and approved without conditions. This allowed the customer hardware, software and support for the digital factory from a single source are offered.