Ugyen Wangchuck

Ugyen Wangchuk (of Tib: u rgyan dbang phyug; Ugyen Wangchuck also; Deb Nagpo; * 1861, † August 21 1926 in Bumthang ) was dated 17 December 1907 until his death in the first King ( Druk Gyalpo ) of Bhutan. The Penlop Tongsas struck from its base in central Bhutan from his political enemies and united despite civil wars and rebellions ( 1882-1885 ).

In December 1907 he was elected the people Punakhas - then the capital - the heir of the monarchy and the king for life. During his reign, the slow reform process in Bhutan began because he was responsible for the construction of schools. In 1910 he signed the Anglo- Bhutanese Treaty.

For his help in an expedition of Francis Younghusband to Lhasa in 1905 he was awarded the "Order of the Indian Empire". In 1911 he was awarded the "Order of the Star of India " and in 1921 he became Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire ( GCIE ).