UH is an abbreviation for:

  • Russia (Russian: Россия pronunciation? / I, transcription Rossiya, or officially the Russian Federation, Russian Российская Федерация, transcription Rossiyskaya Federazija ), a federal state in northeastern Eurasia and size as the largest of the Earth according to the ICAO code
  • UHT ( ultra-high Uperisierung or HTST ), a method for preserving foods as an alternative to pasteurization
  • Tort, see tort law, an area of ​​law that deals with the legal consequences of tort
  • Universities, see the Swiss education system # colleges
  • Hamburg Remand Prison, in Hamburg prisons, called the prisoners shortly Dammtorbahnhof, located on the road Holstenglacis

UH as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Unstrut Hainich
  • Norway: Ålesund in Møre og Romsdal
  • Czech Republic: Okres Uherské Hradiště, German: Hungarian Hradisch ( discontinued)

Uh stands for:

  • Class today (magazine), was an educational magazine that was aimed at primary, secondary and vocational school teachers
  • Usch, Slovak name of the river in Ukraine and Slovakia, the name goes back to the old Slavic word už (snake )
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