Uher (brand)

The Uher stations (own spelling: UHER ), named after the entrepreneur Edmund Uher, put tape recorders, dictaphones, school teaching equipment, cassette players and accessories here.

UHER works München GmbH

The Hungarian-born Edmond Uher produced unsuccessfully in Munich injectors and spark plugs for the automotive industry. 1953 Karl Theodor had gone to Toerring - Jettenbach in the company. The Uher works had a share capital of DM 600,000; 240,000 DM came from Toerring - Jettenbach, 359,000 DM had Uher introduced in the form of his company, 1000 DM came from Fiametta Uher, his wife. Toerring instructed the engineer Wolfgang Freiherr von Hornstein originally trying to liquidate the company. Instead, Hornstein had some engineers develop a tape recorder. The Uher 95 came in 1956, while the company was maintained through contract manufacturing.

Uher tape recorders had worldwide success, especially in 1961 introduced " Uher 4000 Report" contributed to the sudden growth of the company at. Such circled with the Gemini capsule, the Earth.

" 1500 Report to run in British, Canadian and U.S. broadcast studios. The German Weather Service in Offenbach, the American Federal FBI, film hero James Bond and the mirror using the report. When President Kennedy visited West Germany, led his entourage ten devices. "

" From 1968 to 1970, in two years, the sales, which had stagnated at around 50 million marks in 1966, was doubled to 102 million marks. The annual production climbed to 180,000 units, the workforce grew to over 1500 people. "

After the success curve of the tape device manufacturer sank. Hornstein left Uher, 1972; Uher 1974 was sold " in acute financial distress " at the Wolfgang Assmann GmbH in Bad Homburg. On 21 October 1977, the radio show wrote: " More and more Uher also become the distributor for products not manufactured in Germany Devices". Quoted on 3 September 1980, the Süddeutsche Zeitung the then Managing Director Rüdiger Hoessrich, Uher no longer wanted to compete with the Japanese, why should be streamlined production and switched to smaller quantities, ceased production in Munich and moved to book Bach in the district Mühldorf.

1996 UHER Electronic GmbH and computer science UHER GmbH were Assmann Uher and in the separate companies UHER GmbH, ATIS Systems GmbH, divided.

There is now of the works in Munich, Bach book, Ash- Leeder and Klausen (South Tyrol ) no more. For further fate of the brand Uher Ulrich Vienna Forth writes in Stereo Special Issue 30 years hi- story, 2004: " In the eighties, Assmann had the brand name Uher licensed to various hi-fi provider, which caused some confusion. So brought about Harman a range of quality hi-fi components under the Uher logo, while the Otto-Versand cheap imported goods (including, for example, a clock radio and mini - turrets ) adorned with the famous logo. All these products are, however, long since disappeared from the market -. Uher is the name, at least as far as the hi-fi, history "

The most successful Uher tape recorders

  • Uher 4000 Report ( 1961 )
  • Uher Universal 5000 ( from 1962)
  • Uher Royal de Luxe (from 1966)
  • Uher CR124 ( 1971 )
  • Uher CR240 ( 1977 )