Uitgeest ( listen? / I ) is a village and a municipality in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands.


Uitgeest located on the edge of Geest and fen soils, near the lake Alkmaardermeer. The municipality has a total area of ​​22.22 km ². The community had on 1 January 2013 with a population of 13,047.


The area was, albeit sparsely inhabited from about 450 BC. It was then more often afflicted by floods. Until the Middle Ages built on sand ridges ( remnants of dunes) some small settlements Geest: an oval field, surrounded by farms. By 1500 this had grown together into a single village, which witnessed a half centuries a large flowering period to 1650. The village had because the Alkmaardermeer was connected to the open sea, a large deep-sea fishing fleet. Perhaps the cartographer Willem Blaeu known, was born here in 1571. Another son of the village invented around 1599 an improved windmill for sawing wood, which at that time was extremely important. Between 1650, the fishermen used more appropriate ports, and the late 19th century was Uitgeest a poor farming village. From 1900 to about 1945 there was the cultivation of flower bulbs. After the water sports tourism came to the Alkmaardermeer momentum, and the farmers of Uitgeest rose to livestock to as the flower fields had to make a new neighborhood place.


  • Alkmaardermeer: the Alkmaardermeer, a free time acitivities Lake, northeast of Uitgeest, with marinas, restaurants, campgrounds ..
  • Old village church in late Gothic style, from the 14th/15th. century


Most important sources of income in Uitgeest are the livestock, the water sports tourism and small businesses. In addition, many residents commute to nearby cities for work.


Uitgeest is located on the railways of Amsterdam and Haarlem to Alkmaar and Den Helder. These come together at Uitgeest station. The village is also close to the highways between these cities.