Ukaan language

Spoken in

Niger - Congo

  • Atlantic - Congo Benue - Congo Volta - Niger


Ukaan (also Ikan, Anyaran, Auga or Kakumo ) is a linguistically undocumented and sparsely described the Niger-Congo language and dialect cluster with uncertain membership of a language group.

The name comes from the city Anyaran Anyaran where the language is spoken. Ukaan has several drifting apart dialects: Standard Ikaan, Igau, Ayegbe ( Iisheu ) Iinno ( Iyinno ), among which there are only weak intelligibility comparable to the Federal German and Swiss German.

Linguist Roger Blench to suspect, based on dictionaries of the language that the language closest to the (Eastern) Benue - Congo languages ​​(or, equivalently, the most divergent of the Benue -Congo ) can be assigned.