Ukraine national basketball team

The Ukrainian national basketball team represents Ukraine in the men's international basketball internationals.

  • 3.1 Summer Olympics
  • 3.2 World Championships
  • 3.3 European Championship finals


The Ukrainian national basketball team was founded after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992. Among the most successful, originating from the Ukraine national team in the Soviet selection included the Olympic champion Anatoly Polywoda, Serhiy Kovalenko, Olexandr Bilostinnyj and Olexandr Volkov and Volodymyr Tkachenko. In contrast to the Russian national team, which was allowed to begin the direct successor of the successful Soviet selection, the Ukrainian selection had to qualify first through qualifying rounds to participate in finals tournaments. After they had missed taking part in the European Championship finals in 1995, it was the first time represented in Catalonia at the finals of the European Basketball Championship in 1997. After two defeats high to kick off against the hosts Spain and Germany against a victory over Croatia was not enough to take part in the second round. In the Placement Round succeeded after two wins another 13th place, so that the tournament ended with a positive balance of three wins against two defeats.

For the following EM 1999 you missed four years ago again the finals appearance and thus the possibility of qualifying for the basketball competition of the Olympic Games 2000. Indeed for the European Championship in 2001 after qualifying for the final tournament, but after a victory over France in the second game you missed in the final group match for a high loss to the Israeli national team that won so a direct comparison, the qualification for the next round. Without placement round at this tournament in Turkey, the team was ranked in the third last and 14th place in the final round. In the following European Championship finals in Sweden in 2003 they remained winless in three games. Since the other three group also remained winless last, was again a classification on the third last and 14th place in the table. The same occurred in the European Championship finals in 2005. According to a defeat against Russia with a twelve-point difference, followed by two disastrous defeats against Germany and Italy with more than 25 points each difference. The Ukraine was ranked at the end of the 16th and last place in the final round. Then failed twice to qualify for the finals of the European Basketball Championships.

For the final round of the 2011 European Championships he had failed to qualify again, but after increasing the number of participants you can still slipped into the starting field of 24 teams now. Two victories over Bulgaria and Belgium were not sufficient for participation in the second round because they lost against Georgia with 16 points difference. It was done as a group Penultimate a classification on the 17th place, although one came in 13th place in the previously counted comparison ranking. In the finals of EURO 2013 one is in the comprehensive 24 teams of participants represented again and fighting for a first-time qualification for a global finals. In the following European Championship finals in 2015 you will qualify automatically as hosts.

Current squad

Known player

Other well-known players who played in the recent past in the national team are:

  • Oleksandr Lochmantschuk (* 1973)
  • Hryhorij Chischnjak ( b. 1974 )
  • Vitaly Potapenko ( b. 1975 )
  • Serhiy Lischtschuk ( b. 1982 )
  • Steven Burtt (* 1984)
  • Oleksiy Petscherow (* 1985)
  • Kyrylo Fesenko (* 1986)

Performance in international tournaments

Olympic Summer Games

  • Not yet qualified

World Championships

  • Not yet qualified

European Championship finals

  • 2003 - 14th place
  • 2005 - 16th Place
  • 2007 - does not qualify
  • 2009 - does not qualify
  • 2011 - 17th Place
  • 2013 - 6th place
  • 2015 - qualified