The Union of Ligues Européennes de Basketball ( ULEB, in German as " Union of European Basketball Leagues " ) is an association of European Basketball Leagues which aims to promote the development and cooperation of European basketball. Currently, the ULEB consists of 16 professional leagues. The seat of the ULEB is in Barcelona, Spain.

History / members

  • June 25, 1991: Foundation of the ULEB in Rome. The founding members were the professional leagues from France, Italy and Spain
  • 1996: Greece joins
  • December 1999: Belgium, England and Switzerland join
  • June 9, 2000: Formation of the ULEB Euro League
  • October 2001: Germany, the Netherlands and Poland join
  • February 2002: The Adriatic Basketball Association joins
  • October 2002: Austria joins
  • October 15, 2002: First match in ULEB Eurocup
  • June 2003 Lithuania joins
  • January 2004: the Czech Republic joins
  • July 2005: Israel occurs in
  • May 2011: Russia enters the 16th and final league for now



Currently discharged from the ULEB two contests. In addition to the ULEB Euro League, go into the Europe's best teams at the start, this is the ULEB Eurocup (until 2008: ULEB Cup).