Ulf Hohmann

Ulf Hohmann ( born July 9, 1963 in Stuttgart ) is a German behavioral scientist who contributed significantly to the understanding of the social behavior of the species and its spread in the German-speaking countries whose studies of the raccoon.


Ulf Hohmann graduated in Biology from the Universities of Tübingen and Kiel in 1992 as a biologist. After completing his dissertation at Antal Festetics at the Forestry Faculty of the University of Göttingen in 1998, he spent several years as chairman of the Society of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Association ( GWN ). In this role he stepped into the media occasionally as an expert for the increasing urbanization of wildlife. Currently (as of June 2008) he is an employee of the resident in town Tripp Research Institute for Forest Ecology and Forestry Rheinland -Pfalz.

Contribution to research Raccoon

As part of his dissertation Ulf Hohmann led along with some employees from 1992 to 1998, the first systematic study of the raccoon population in Germany. The telemetric measurement of the movement patterns of living in Lower Saxony Solling raccoons revealed that they have a variable gender social behavior. The same result was 1994, the American SD Gehrt in the study of social behavior of raccoons in Texas. The earlier assumption that it is a loner in raccoons, was thus refuted.

The study was complemented by the observation of natural behavior of some reared by hand and then ausgewildeter pups. This work begun by the graduate student Franziska Kalz in 1995 was accompanied photographically from the spring of 1996 by wildlife photographer Ingo Bartussek. Ulf Hohmann led after submitting his thesis in 1999, also the first study outside of North America through urbanized raccoon in the Hessian town of Bad Karlshafen by. In 2001, Ulf Hohmann finally published the monograph The raccoon, in which he introduced the species and his research vividly. In addition to numerous photographs by Ingo Bartussek the book also contains a section of veterinarian Bernhard Böer about the breeding of raccoon puppy.

Is Fort Led Hohmanns research by Frank -Uwe Michler, the (2001-2003) studied in its eastern distribution area after his collaboration on the run by Ulf Hohmann study of urbanized raccoon in Kassel since March 2006, the Müritz National Park, the first time the spread of the raccoon.

Writings (selection )

  • Studies on the use of space of the raccoon (Procyon lotor L. 1758) in the Solling, southern Lower Saxony, with special consideration of social behavior, grove wood Forestry Science ( Volume 5 ), thesis writing, Göttingen and Braunschweig, 1998 ( ISBN 3-932622-25-1 )
  • Land use and social behavior of raccoons in Central Germany. In: Wildlife Biology. 3/2000, information service Wildlife Biology & Ecology, WB Product 8/ 9 - Zurich, Switzerland, 16 pp.
  • Together with Ingo Bartussek and Bernhard Böer: The Raccoon, Reutlingen 2001 ( 2nd revised edition Reutlingen 2005, ISBN 3-88627-304-0 )