Ulf Kristersson

Ulf Hjalmar Kristersson ( born December 29, 1963 in Lund ) is a Swedish politician, economist and author.

Curriculum vitae

Ulf Kristersson Hjalmar was born in 1963 in Lund and grew up in the small town Torshälla on near Eskilstuna. In 1983, he graduated from high school and served in the following year in the Swedish army and rose to the platoon leader. Between 1985 and 1988 he studied economics at Uppsala University and earned a bachelor's degree.

From 1988 to 1992 Kristersson Chairman of Moderata was ungdomsförbundet, samlingspartiet the Young Party of Moderata. In 1991 he was a Member of the Swedish Parliament, where he was also a member of the committees for social or educational issues as well as in the revision committee. Between 1993 and 1995 he worked mainly as a book author and also published several works on political and economic issues. From 1995, he spent three years as marketing director of the think tank Timbor. 2000 to 2001 he was head of PR, the Swedish consulting company Connecta and the real estate company Adcoreund 2001-2002 Head of Communications NextWorkspace AB. 2003 Kristersson was elected to the Kommunalråd the community and responsible Strängnäs there until 2006 for financial issues. 2005 to 2006 he was chairman of the working group for family policy Moderata samlingspartiet and from 2008 to 2009 the working group on migration and integration policy. In 2006 he was also elected borgarråd the City of Stockholm and responsible there until 2010 for social issues. In 2009 he became chairman of the working group for family policy of the Alliance for Sweden and 2010 he was responsible for the policy of Moderata samlingspartiet in family, social and preschool issues responsible.

On 5 October 2010, he was named to succeed Cristina Husmark Pehrsson as Minister for Social Security in the Government Fredrik Reinfeldt.