Uli Edel

Ulrich Edel ( * April 11, 1947 in Neuenburg am Rhein ) is a German television and film director. Among his best known films include Christiane F. - We Children from the Zoo, Last Exit to Brooklyn and The Baader Meinhof Complex Station.


After studying theater studies, he was accepted at the University of Television and Film in Munich. There he met Bernd Eichinger know. They worked together on their exercise movies and shared a fascination to both the Nouvelle Vague and the neo- realism as well as to mainstream American movies. At the same time he took acting lessons and was interested in the theories of Stanislavsky and Strasberg. After the successful completion he worked with Douglas Sirk and resulted in two television productions directed.

In 1980 he collaborated with Bernd Eichinger (Producer) and Herman Weigel (writer ) on the true story of drug addicts Christiane F. The film with the title Christiane F. - We Children from Bahnhof Zoo was released the following year and was both nationally and internationally a great success. Six years later, they found themselves together again and produced another success: Last Exit to Brooklyn ( Last Exit To Brooklyn ) with Stephen Lang and Jennifer Jason Leigh, based on the novel by Hubert Selby.

In 2004 he directed the TV miniseries The Nibelungen, based on the Nibelungen saga. In 2007, he turned the Stefan Aust- film The Baader Meinhof Complex for Bernd Eichinger. 2009, the film as the official German entry for the Oscar in the category Best Foreign Language Film and Golden Globe Award nominated.

In summer 2009, Uli Edel led in Berlin directed the filming of the movie times change you after the autobiographical book of the rapper Bushido. Producer Bernd Eichinger was again, the film had on February 3, 2010 in Berlin Premiere.

From 13 June to 29 September 2012, he turned ZDF on 76 days of shooting for a total of € 10 million the elaborate three-piece The Adlon. A family saga with Heino Ferch and Marie Bäumer in the lead roles. The film was aired on the 6th, 7th and 9th January 2013.


Precious was in 1990 with the Bavarian and the German Film Award, in the category Best Director for his film Last Exit to Brooklyn, excellent. In 2009 he received another nomination in this category for his work on The Baader Meinhof Complex.


  • 2000: The Little Vampire ( The Little Vampire )
  • 2001: The Mists of Avalon (The Mists of Avalon ) (TV mini-series )
  • 2002: Julius Caesar ( Julius Caesar ) (TV)
  • 2002: King of Texas ( King of Texas) ( TV)
  • 2004: Die Nibelungen ( 2004) ( Ring of the Nibelungs ) (TV)
  • 2008: The Baader Meinhof Complex
  • 2010: Times are changing you
  • 2013: The Adlon. A Family Saga (TV miniseries )