Uli Stein (artist)

Uli Stein (born 26 December 1946 in Hannover, actually Ulrich Stein Furth ) is a German cartoonist.


Uli Stein was born the son of a civil servant and a housewife. Stone attended the Goethe School in Hanover. After completion of the then two-year military service, he moved to West Berlin and studied at the Free University of Berlin German, geography and biology to become a teacher. During his studies he worked as a freelance photographer and writer for newspapers. However, shortly before the exam, he broke off his studies with the aim of also full time to become a journalist. He worked then as a journalist, including six years with the Saarland Radio, until he late 70s concentrated on drawing. He lives in Wedemark near Hanover.

Comics and Books

The artist often presents everyday situations with drawn animal figures, such as mice, cats, dogs, penguins and pigs, alienated by. More than 90 million cartoon postcards, and over 10 million books in which the collected cartoons or newly created thematic appear together, were sold. On the basis of his drawings more than 1500 articles under license incurred to date. His books are available in Italy, France, Finland, Korea, the U.S., the Netherlands and China.

Uli Stein is represented by the agency CatPrint Media GmbH, and his books have been published since 1984 in Oldenburg Lappan Verlag. Since 1998, the cartoonist working week for the TV guide TV hearing and seeing.

In the federal election campaign 2005, numerous cartoons went through the Internet, which had the work of the then governing party SPD and Alliance 90/The Greens on the topic.


2005 published in Switzerland commemorative stamps in honor of Uli Stein with designs from the famous " stone - mouse ". Swiss Post was referring to the fact that some of the first cartoons stone mid-1970s appeared in a Swiss music magazine. The German Post AG announced for the year 2013 three stamps designed by Uli Stein Motives from the series "For Sports " on. The output of the three postage stamps in the values ​​of 58 27, 90 40 and 145 55 euro cents was performed with the initial issue date May 2, 2013. Designs by Lirio by the motives of Uli Stein come from Hans Werner Schmidt from Frankfurt am Main.


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