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Ullensvang is a Herredskommune in Norwegian Fylke Hordaland. It is bordered on the south by the municipality of Odda, to the east by Vinje, in the north Granvin and Ulvik and to the west by Jondal. To the west of the Hardangerfjord are Kvam and Voss. The administrative center is located in Kinsarvik.

The largest part of Ullensvang is located in the Hardangervidda National Park, Europe's largest mountain plateau, with its highest point moh 1690. the Hårteigen is.


The municipality was called until 1870 Kinsarvik. 1913 Ullensvang was divided into the three municipalities of Odda, Ullensvang and Kinsarvik. 1964 Ullensvang was Åsgrenda from Kvam Heradskommune, Eidfjord Municipality and Kinsarvik Heradskommune merged ( with the exception of the area Kvanndal on the northwest side of the Hardangerfjord ). Eidfjord was in 1977 identified as a separate municipality.

Coat of arms

Description: In red a golden bar separates three golden lilies.

Economy and culture

Ullensvang is Norway fruits chamber, in particular because of the cultivation of apples and sweet cherries. Every year in summer, the Cherry Festival is held in Lofthus, where the Norwegian Championship will be held at Cherry stone spitting ( record: 14.24 meters, p Kleivkaas ). Every year in May, the Hardanger Music Festival in Ullensvang Hotel instead (built in 1846), arriving to the artists from all over the world in the small village. The festival is held in honor of the composer Edvard Grieg, who spent many summers in Lofthus.

Area attractions are the medieval churches of Lofthus ( built in 1300 ) and Kinsarvik (built in 1160 ), several waterfalls, the flowers season in May, the open air museum Agatunet, as well as museums in Utne and Skredhaugen.