Ulrich Kiesow

Ulrich Kiesow ( born June 3, 1949 and † 30 January 1997) was a German fantasy writer and the intellectual creator of the most successful German RPG Das Schwarze Auge (DSA).


In addition to numerous DSA adventures and regulations, he wrote novels set on the continent Aventuria, the fictional game world of The Dark Eye. For now set role-playing magazine worlds of wonder as well as the DSA - house magazine Aventurischer messenger he wrote under the pseudonym Andreas Blumenkamp satirical articles, written under the pseudonym same but also serious official adventure.

Life and work

Kiesow was first art teacher in North Rhine -Westphalia. He worked part-time as a translator of English texts, especially from the fantasy range. So he transferred the first edition of the most important English-language role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons into German. In 1983, Kiesow with Werner Fuchs and Hans Joachim Alpers Fantasy Productions, the company that began as a mail order company for tin figures and tabletop accessories. In the same year Kiesow and Fox brought the first professional German -speaking role-playing game on the market: Swords and demons, a translation of the English Tunnels & Trolls. The black eye that Kiesow had conceived at the same time, in collaboration with Fox, Alpers and Ina Kramer, could not be produced for reasons of cost and has been published by Schmidt Spiele 1984 with an accompanying advertising campaign.

1987 Kiesow was active as a novelist for the first time. His fantasy novel The Gift of the Amazons was one of the first novels in the game world of The Dark Eye. As a result, he also served as the editor published in the Heyne -Verlag series of DSA novels. It was opened in 1995 by his own novel The Charlatan, who also appeared in an English edition later. The were some publications preceded in other publishers (→ List of Aventuria novels ).

Kiesow had to be long in intensive care after a severe heart attack in August 1995. During this time he began working on a novel titled When the wheel is broken. Two days after completion of the book, which was eventually published as The Broken wheel, he died in 1997 from the effects of heart attack. " The Broken Wheel" is a symbol of death in the embossed by Kiesow fantasy world. Many authors in the context of the role play The Dark Eye look Kiesow as a literary model, which is expressed not least by the numerous dedications in the various related publications.

Works (selection)

  • The gift of Amazons. Fantasy Productions, [ Dusseldorf ], 1987, ISBN 3-89064-503-8. new edition: The gift of Amazons. Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Munich 1996, ISBN 3-453-10971-6 (18th novel of the Heyne - novel series The Dark Eye ).
  • The Charlatan. Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Munich 1995, ISBN 3-453-08676-7 ( first novel of the Heyne - novel series The Dark Eye ).
  • The broken wheel A novel from the world of The Dark Eye. Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Munich 1997, ISBN 3-453-13368-4. Hardcover; in paperback in two volumes: The broken wheel dusk. Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Munich 2001, ISBN 3-453-18805-5 (56th novel of the Heyne - novel series The Dark Eye ). The Broken bike night. Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Munich 2001, ISBN 3-453-18810-1 (57th novel of the Heyne - novel series The Dark Eye ).