Ulrike Tauber

Ulrike Tauber in the GDR Hall Swimming Championships in Rostock ( 1978)

Ulrike Tauber ( born June 16, 1958 in Karl- Marx-Stadt ) is a German former swimmer who competed for East Germany. She was world swimmer in 1974 and 1977.


She celebrated her first major success by winning the gold medal at the European Championships 1974 in Vienna over 200 meters and 400 meters track position. She also won silver in the 100 meters and 200 meters backstroke. Your next success was the world title over 400 meters individual medley at the world championships in 1975 in Cali, and the victory at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal over the same distance. In addition, she won the silver medal in the 200 meters butterfly distance at these Summer Games. The following year she was able to defend on the two, capable of stretching at the European Championships 1977 in Jönköping both titles.

With the World Swimming Championships in 1978 in West Berlin could not defend her title over 400 meters individual medley, where she was beaten only countries US-American Tracy Caulkins and won the silver medal. About 200 meters individual medley, she was third.

After the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, where she was unable to win more medals, she stepped away from competitive sports and became a doctor. In 1988, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame International Swimming Sports. In 1976 she was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in silver.

GDR doping

In the course of the GDR doping process and the related research and archival work-ups of the doping practices of the East German physician and sports officials, among other doping plan-specifications by Ulrike Tauber were found. For Tauber both a medical doping program, and a subsequent recovery therapy was developed. Furthermore, it is one of those athletes who admit a doping complicity.