Uma stands for:

  • Epithet of the Hindu goddess Parvati, see Aparna ( mythology)
  • Uma ( genus ), genus of iguana -like

Uma is the first name of the following persons:

UMA is an abbreviation for:

  • Unidentified Mysterious Animal, unidentified, myteriöses creature, see cryptozoology
  • Uniform memory access, memory architecture in multiprocessor systems
  • Unified Memory Architecture, Computer System Architecture
  • Unified Method Architecture Metamodel to work with different methods of software development
  • Universal Multimedia Access, allows access to customized versions of a multimedia content
  • University of Mannheim, a university in Baden-Württemberg Mannheim and is one result of its formation in 1967 to the younger universities in Germany
  • Unlicensed Mobile Access, roaming technology from the mobile sector
  • Examination of the engine management and emission control system, see emissions testing
  • Upper Memory Area, upper storage area
  • User - Managed Access protocol for delegated access rights based on OAuth

UMa stands for:

  • Ursa Major Ursa Major to German

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