Umvoti Local Municipality

Umvoti (also Umvoti, English Umvoti Local Municipality ) is a town in South Africa's District Umzinyathi in the province of KwaZulu -Natal. The administrative center of the municipality is located in Greytown. Mthandeki Peter Ngubane is the mayor. The IFP represents the majority in the City Council.

The community was named after the Umvoti River. It covers an area of ​​2516 square kilometers. 2007, the municipality had 114 509 inhabitants according to projections.


The community consists mainly of rural areas, of which 70 percent are agricultural land and 30 percent of the Ingonyama Trust ( a trust foundation, which would assure the indigenous inhabitants of the country ) were divided.

Umvoti bordered to the north Msinga and Nkandla (the latter in the district uThungulu ) and to the east by Maphumulo ( in the district Ilembe ). South of the village are Ndwedwe ( Ilembe ) and uMshwathi ( uMgungundlovu ) and west Mpofana ( uMgungundlovu ).


The community Umvoti created by the merger of the two former municipalities Greytown and Krankskop. The village Umvoti was established by the Land Commission and renamed in 1854 in honor of the Governor of the Cape, Sir George Grey, in Greytown. In the local language of the place was called Ungungundlovana ( Zulu for " the place of the little elephant "). After the boundaries of the municipality and the elections on 5 December 2000, the council decided to name the newly demarcated area Umvoti.


Traffic Technically Umvoti is connected via the R33 and the R74. The two regional roads intersect in the center of the community. The R622 combines Greytown with Mooi River. The largest lake in the municipality is the Merthley Dam.

The economic center of the community is Greytown. About a quarter of the residents work here. Agriculture is the largest employer in Umvoti. About 85 percent of qualified workers are set to commercial farms. The majority of the economic activity in this sector focus on forestry. The areas around Greytown and along the Umvoti River are very good for the land for agriculture. The other areas are only moderately or not at all for it. Problematic are the facts that Umvoti is far removed from the respective markets. This impedes the entry of small farmers in the commercial cultivation. Also, there is hardly the processing industry, which means that the crude products sold and the finished goods have to be purchased again. A second source of income in the village is the manufacturing industry. Although the community has a lot of potential, there is hardly Umvoti tourism.


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