Unalakleet, Alaska

Nome Census Area


Unalakleet is a city in the Nome Census Area of the U.S. state of Alaska. In the census of 2000, it had 747 residents with Indian accounting for slightly over 85%.

Unalakleet is located on the eastern shore of Norton Sound at the mouth of the Unalakleet River and forms the western end of the Unalakleet - Kaltag Portage, a connection route through the Nulato Hills between Norton Sound and Kaltag on the Yukon River, which is also 1925 for the caused by a diphtheria epidemic dogsled Season was used to Nome.


The name Unalakleet is derived from the Inupiaq word "Una la thliq ", which means " where the south wind blows ."

The settlement was long trading center of Athabaskan from the Interior Alaska and living on the coastal Inupiat. In the 1830s the Russian-American company of built a trading post. 1901 reached an built by the United States Army Signal Corps, 975 km long telegraph line from St. Michael from the city.