Unalakleet River


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The Unalakleet River is a 145 km long river in western Alaska. It rises west of Kaltag Kaltag in the Mountains, a mountain range of the Nulato Hills, and flows southwestward to the mouth in the Norton Sound at Unalakleet. The valley of the river, the Kaltag Portage, is a passage through the coastal mountains, which was also used in 1925 for the caused by a diphtheria epidemic dogsled relay to Nome.

The North River empties 6 km east of Unalakleet from the north into the river.

The name " Unalakleet " has its origin has been written in the name of the original inhabitants of the river, which had been recorded 1842-44 as " R ( eka ) Unalaklik " and 1852 on a Russian map " Unalaklit ".

The first 105 km of the Unalakleet River in 1980 reported by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act as a National Wild and Scenic River under the administration of the Bureau of Land Management.