Under My Skin (Avril Lavigne album)


  • Vocals, guitar: Avril Lavigne
  • Guitar: Michael Ward
  • Guitar: Phil X
  • Guitar, drums, Evan Taubenfeld
  • Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboard: Butch Walker
  • Bass: Mike Elizondo
  • Bass: Jason loader
  • Drums: Kenny Aronoff
  • Drums: Josh Freese
  • Drums: Brooks Wackerman
  • Drums: Kenny Cresswell
  • Drums: Bill Lafler
  • Keyboard: Raine Maida
  • Cello: Victor Lawrence
  • Violin: Sam Fisher
  • Violin: Samuel Formicola
  • Violin: Mark Robertson
  • Viola: Shanti Randall

Under My Skin (English for "Under my skin " or " Under my skin"). 's The second studio album by the Canadian rock singer Avril Lavigne and appeared in Germany on May 24, 2004 The album is available in all non-English speaking countries appeared with Mirror- Cover. To date, it has sold over nine million times and is one of the most successful rock albums of 2004, furthermore, it is number 57 of the world's best-selling albums between 2000 and 2009.

  • 3.1 Do not Tell Me
  • 3.2 My Happy Ending
  • 3.3 Nobody's Home
  • 3.4 He Was not
  • 3.5 Fall to Pieces
  • 3.6 chart positions


The largest part of their second album Avril Lavigne wrote with Chantal Kreviazuk Canadian composer. The song Nobody's Home was built with the help of ex- Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, the rest with her former guitarist Evan Taubenfeld. As a producer could be gained Butch Walker of Marvelous 3, Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace and Don Gilmore, who has already produced Good Charlotte and Linkin Park.

The songs of the album are mainly concerned with love as well as negative and positive feelings. The bulk of the album was kept very rocky (about Take Me Away, Nobody's Home), but are also quieter " poppier " ballads present: How Does It Feel, for example. Lavigne occurs with all songs as a songwriter. Also known as a composer, she manifests itself in many songs, they played eg the guitar part in a song Slipped Away themselves. Lavigne wrote the lyrics during their 2003s tour Try to Shut Me Up Tour. So the song How Does It Feel is, for example, of the feeling of complete seclusion, just during a tour in which one is asked at least as a solo artist, totally self-reliant. The song deals with these feelings.

Title list

Bonus Track (Japan and the United Kingdom )

Bonus Track (Japan)

Special Edition

A year later appeared on June 13, a special edition of the album with four additional live recordings:

Also included is a one-hour bonus DVD with the following content:


Do not Tell Me

This song is the first single from the album. It's about a girl who rejects the attempt of a boy to have intercourse with her. With the song Avril Lavigne returned to the charts, reaching number one in several countries and number 22 in the Billboard Hot 100

My Happy Ending

The second single My Happy Ending Album was introduced in June 2004 and came on the radio on 2 August 2004 in the stores. The song spent several weeks ranked number one in the World Charts ( Airplay Worldwide ) and among the top five in the U.S. ( Airplay two), Great Britain and other European countries represented. At the Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number nine. The RIAA awarded the Single mid-November 2004, with gold and the end of January 2005 with platinum.

Nobody's Home

The third single Nobody's Home was quite good, reaching a high airplay but did not make it into the top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, but dropped back to 41. In Canada, however, the single with four position was one of her best and also reached in South Africa rank one.

He Was not

He Was not was the fourth single in Europe. She was number 23 in the UK and number 92 in their home country of Canada. A CD- single release in the United States remained of contrast.

Fall to Pieces

Fall to Pieces Avril was Lavinges fifth single (in the U.S. did this instead of the fourth single He was not ) as a promo CD was released this otherwise only available on the North American continent and was only on the radio. It was unlike the other singles rather a flop in the U.S. and reached number seven in Canada.

Chart positions

Musical details

  • Take Me Away: This song Avril Lavigne usually plays rhythm guitar during concerts. However, they only accompanied the chorus. As of mid- 2005, after more than half of the Bonez Tour, however, they no longer accompanied the song. In Acoustic sets or even at the mall promotional tour tour for Under My Skin in Spring 2004 in the U.S., she accompanied the song together with Evan Taubenfeld.
  • Together: When played live by Lavigne in three versions: the beginning of 2004, she played the song always alone with an acoustic guitar (example: performance at the Much Music Awards 2004 ). The end of 2004, but not yet during the Bonez Tour 2004 - Eyes, she played the song without any accompaniment, so only vocals (examples here are for example, the appearance at Rock am Ring 2004 or Summer Sonic Osaka 2004). From the beginning of the Bonez tour 2004 - Eyes - or Bonez Tour 2005, Lavigne had practiced according to own data enough piano to accompany the song on a piano. They also did this to the end of the Bonez Tour 2005.
  • Do not Tell Me: This song was from the beginning, regardless of whether accompanied the acoustic version or "normal " by Lavigne with an electric guitar. Until about the middle of 2005 they played the song complete with a rhythm guitar. But then she moved to lead guitar and played even more the chorus and bridge, because the sound of the verses would have been too noisy and rough.
  • He Was not: Has played beginning with a solo (at the beginning of the song ) by Lavigne. But then they only played the chorus and the bridge. At the end of the Bonez Tour 2005, she sang the song without any instruments.
  • How Does It Feel: This song was never played live. When asked why replied Lavigne that the song would be too emotional, too quiet and too complicated to play. Because of numerous cello, percussion and violin interludes as the song is actually extremely complicated and not really suitable as an " up-tempo " number.
  • My Happy Ending: Lavigne played in early 2004 to early 2005 getting all the verses with an electric guitar. However, from about half of the Bonez Tour 2004/2005, she began the song to accompany only in the chorus, the intro and the bridge to the verses to be " full " effect.
  • Nobody's Home: On the promotional tour Mall Tour and on the Bonez Tour 2004 ( except 2005) Avril Lavigne played the song always accompanied by the band. But from the half of the Bonez Tour 2005, she always played the song as a solo. At the end (ie the last chorus ) then put the whole band ( expected by the audience ) a.
  • Forgotten: The song was played over the entire tour always alone, accompanied by the band of Lavigne on the piano.
  • Fall to Pieces: Lavigne played the song in 2004 at concerts always alone with an acoustic guitar with no accompaniment. But in 2005 she sang the song only with accompaniment of the band.
  • Who Knows: This title Lavigne always played acoustic guitar. Only with their appearance at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, she sang the song only. The reason for this was that at the stadium because of size etc. could not play the whole band and therefore a playback (only music) had to run.
  • Freak Out: Lavigne sang throughout the tour with the band accompaniment.
  • Slipped Away: The song was beginning played in accompaniment of the band with Lavigne. Then Lavigne played the song over the end of a concert alone at the piano. However, from about half of the tour, they did not play the song more personal reasons.