Under-soil heating

A soil heating is to keep a technical device to the lawn of sports stadiums playable even in freezing temperatures.


For this purpose, laid an extensive network of pipes on the principle of underfloor heating below the grass, is passed through the hot water if necessary to thaw the square. This will require about 30 kilometers long, plastic loops, which are laid in 30 cm distance across the playing field. The installation of a soil heating costs about 400,000 to 800,000 euros (incl. consequences in replacement of the turf ). The costs vary the insert so estimated Alemannia Aachen " [ ... ] the cost of 1500 euros per week, at VfL Osnabrück, the price of a recordable field [ ... ] at nearly 2000 euros per day. Hansa Rostock called 3000 euros per day, the Halle FC 1000 euro. "

Through the use of a soil heating, the inner surface of the sports stadium be played in the winter and weather-related losses are significantly reduced. Hard frozen ground is thawed and (not too thick ) melted snowpack. Many professional sports clubs also have their training grounds equipped with a soil heating in order to work out in the winter under regular conditions.


The first pitch heating in Germany in 1972 moved in Munich's Olympic Stadium, a few years later the Frankfurt Forest Stadium. In the nineties, the subject soil heating was currently playing. When Stadium modernization usually a soil heating was immediately installed. Meanwhile, a soil heating for the clubs in the German Bundesliga is mandatory. For climbers, or if a removal or modification is already in planning, transition periods should be allowed. From the 2007/2008 season at every stadium in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga must be equipped with turf heating.

Since the 2008/ 09 season all German Bundesliga stadiums in the 1st and 2nd league are equipped with a lawn heating, as this is the DFL mandatorily. In the 3rd League, among other stadiums in Leipzig, Wiesbaden, Osnabrück, Burghausen, Heidenheim, Jena, Münster, Chemnitz and Unterhaching include a soil heating. Here, too, is discussed by the DFB to require the installation of turf heating. In the regional leagues are equipped with a lawn heating, for example, the stages in Magdeburg, Aachen, Essen and Halle ( Saale). A soil heating is to be installed in other planned or already under construction stages of the national leagues or the 3rd league.