Under Western Stars

  • Roy Rogers: he himself
  • Smiley Burnette: Frog
  • Carol Hughes: Eleanor Fairbanks
  • Guy Usher: John Fairbanks
  • Tom Chatterton: Edward Marlowe
  • Dick Elliott: William Scully
  • Earl Dwire: Mayor Briggs

Under Western Stars is an American Western from 1938, which was produced by Republic Pictures.


Farmers and ranchers in the western United States are suffering from a drought. To get water for their fields and animals, want some of the farmers and ranchers in the Sage County illegally open the valves of a dam. Roy Rogers and his friend Frog help them. The arrest by the sheriff does not prevent Roy is revered as a hero. The people of the area want Roy as his father is a congressman.

The director of the water company John Fairbanks comes to the West with Roy to talk about the imkompetenten District Manager William Scully. However, the talks fail to misunderstandings. In preparing for his first political speech Roy Eleanor learns that are not available to identify the daughter of Fairbanks. Roy's campaign is successful. He promises to farmers and ranchers official support from Washington.

Before Roy leaves for Washington, he receives an anonymous message in which it is advised to turn to the powerful Congressman Edward Marlowe. Roy is not able to meet with Marlowe. Another anonymous message informs him that Marlowe will participate in a fox hunt. Roy arrives on Marlowe's possession and met Eleanor, the Absenderin the anonymous messages again. He rescues her when her horse goes through and tells her that he look at her as the writer of the news. Eleanor proposes to host a party and invite some of the major politicians to do so.

On the celebration of Roy caught the attention of his guests, as he shows a film about the plight of his hometown. The film moves more of the politicians to pledge their support. In Sage, County Fairbanks discovered that the film consists of newsreel reports that have been recorded in other countries. He notified Marlowe, who now feels betrayed by Roy. Roy confirms the correctness of the statement of Fairbanks. But he also points out that the film is performing as well as the situation in Sage County. He promises to prove it.

Marlowe, Fairbanks and others are on a trip out of town. You fall into an ambush and are left only with the horses. In trying to reach the city, men and horses are always thirsty. You can find no water and also buy from anyone. To their knowledge, what thirst really means, their experiences come in a dust storm. They find shelter on a ranch and stay there. The next morning, Roy comes to the ranch, and Marlowe realizes that Roy the author of " ambush " is. It also recognizes that Roy was not exaggerating when describing the plight of his homeland.

Mayor Briggs appears on the ranch to inform Roy that the inhabitants of the city to blow up the dam. This act would make Roy's efforts to provide assistance to naught. Roy approaches the dam and can the car, which is loaded with dynamite stop. He can keep the inhabitants of fact and promises them immediate help.


In 1939, the song Dust, composed by Johnny Marvin and sung by Roy Rogers, nominated Best Song Oscar in the category.

2009, the film was inducted into the National Film Registry.


The film celebrated its premiere on April 20, 1938.

The lead role was originally supposed to play Gene Autry. However, between the Studio and Autry came in December 1937 to conflicts that led to a strike Autry. The studio replaced by Autry Roy Rogers, so came to his first leading role. Autry sued Republic for breach of copyright to the text of the song Dust. The song was not in the credits, also are neither Johnny nor Marvin Gene Autry named as composers. In the film, Daily Yearbook only Marvin was named as a composer. After Autry's return to Republic in May 1938, the lawsuit was withdrawn.