Undercovers (2010 TV series)

Undercovers is an American television series about action agent, which is produced by Bad Robot Productions, Bonanza Productions and Warner Bros. Television. The idea for the series had JJ Abrams and Josh Reims. They were the executive producers of the pilot episode. Bryan Burk also participated, has often collaborated with the Abrams. The series was first broadcast on 22 September 2010 on NBC. Undercovers is the second agent series from JJ Abrams by Alias ​​- The Agent.


Five years after they left the CIA to open a restaurant, Steven and Samantha Bloom are returned to this profession and employed by Carlton Shawn. You take missions that the regular CIA can not master. They make a pact never to talk about their past. The Blooms find surprising at every mission new things about each other. They are supported by Leo Nash, a top agent and former friend of Samantha, and Bill Hoyt, a goofy computer experts, who also worships Steven. Lizzy is Samantha's sister; it is a dry alcoholic and keeps the restaurant running. She knows nothing of Samantha and Steve's agent life.


JJ Abrams led in the pilot episode directed. The series was " modern but Hart to Hart " as described. Andrew Kramer has worked with JJ Abrams and thought the series title. On May 3, NBC Undercovers ordered as a series.

On 4 November 2010 took off NBC Undercovers. The first eleven episodes were shown before the winter break 2010/2011. The remaining two episodes because they were not broadcast.

Instrumentation and synchronization

The German synchronization was established in 2013 under the dialogue directed by Susanne Boetius by the synchronous company Hermes Synchron GmbH in Potsdam.


United States

In the USA, the first and only season was broadcast from 22 September to 29 December 2010 to NBC.


The RTL Group has secured broadcast rights and radiates the series in digital special interest channels RTL Nitro since March 28, 2014.

Episode List