Underdog (term)

An underdog (English for " inferior dog " or more likely. Engl for " under the support of the tree trunk lying ") is a person who is in the social hierarchy to the lower levels.

The popular interpretation of the origin of the term Dog has changed in ignorance of the conditions of the North American society of the 19th century in the English language to " dog ". But since it is a socially low person treated at the underdog, it must be assumed that the term comes from the timber. Dog is a suspension, which served the sawing of the logs. The saw was guided vertically. A sawyer stood up; the lower sawyers, the underdog, lay on his back and held down by the saw against. This work was carried out by those in the hierarchy of a lumberjack sawing operation or lowermost parties.

The traditional working clothes of the carpenters ( the gap ) protected the Under- Dock especially before sawmill offcuts: floppy hat and big scarf prevented the trickling of the chips under the clothes ( the scarf served optionally also as respiratory protection); the wide impact of the pants made ​​the same with the shoes. The material of the clothes themselves, mostly Manchester, could be easily cleaned of dust and shavings. When working on roofs, however, shock and floppy hat would have been dangerous, or at least pointless on.