Secretary of State (MD) is in Germany an official title of officials with prominent service positions. They are used in supreme authorities of the federal or state (ministries, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat Administration, the Federal President, the Federal Chancellery, Federal Press Office, etc.) and belong to the career of the higher service of the administration. They are usually classified in Grade B 9.

They usually hold the function of a department head and are thus usually a Secretary of State. As political appointees, they can always be put into temporary retirement.

Baden -Württemberg and Bavaria

In Baden -Württemberg and Bavaria is the Secretary of the highest ranking officials of his ministry. He is a head of department heads of administration as well as general and permanent representative of his minister. It is the interface between the administration and the political level, which is represented by the Minister and the Secretary of State. The Bavarian State Secretaries are also present, expressed in the language of the covenant, all parliamentary; moreover, they are unlike the covenant member of the Cabinet.