Union (Band)

Union is founded by guitarist Bruce Kulick and John Corabi the singer American hard rock band.


Corabi and Kulick had already known each other, as in 1997 they decided to tackle a joint project. Kulick had six months ago lost his job as guitarist for Kiss, Corabi had been replaced with Mötley Crüe. Both were therefore in similar situations. They wrote some songs together and noticed that it worked well, so they continued and first Deomoaufnahmen made ​​. They were supported by Curt Cuomo, who had also previously worked with Kiss on the album Carnival of Souls. They completed the group with drummer Brent Fitz and bassist Jamie Hunting, and the group went to the recordings for the first album, released in 1999 and was simply titled Union. With the album in hand, the band made ​​its way through the clubs around the world, which was traveling very successful especially Japan.

The second release, the live album Live in the Galaxy (1999 ) contained, in addition to seven union songs also Man in the Moon is the band The Scream, Corabis first band with a record deal, a cover version of Cheap Tricks Surrender Power to the Music, the Mötley Crüe had recorded in 1994 with Corabi on vocals, Jungle Kiss, as well as the recorded in the studio You've Got to Hide your Love Away by the Beatles.

The third and (for now) final Union album The Blue Room (2000) was somewhat "radio USEFULLY " was added as the first studio CD.

Commercial Union was not very successful. The group recruited their followers probably mostly from the fan bearings of Kiss and Mötley Crüe.

2005 appeared a produced by Bruce Kulick and Jack Edward Sawyers DVD with two live recordings of the group.

Union was never officially dissolved. In June 2011, Kulick hinted in an interview that it could possibly give later this year an interesting announcement about something that John Corabi and he would do under the name Union. So far, however, there was no such an event, Kulick headed but for two songs of appearing in November 2012 solo album by John Corabi guitar tracks at.



  • Union ( 1998)
  • Live in the Galaxy (1999)
  • The Blue Room (1999)


  • Do Your Own Thing Live! (2005)