United Arab States

  • Egypt
  • Syria
  • Kingdom Yemen

The United Arab States (VAS, Arabic الدول العربية المتحدة, DMG ad Duwal al - ʿ Arabiyya al - Muttahida ) were a loose confederation of Arab countries of Egypt, Syria and the Kingdom of Yemen ( North Yemen ).

Shortly after in February 1958 Egypt and Syria to form the United Arab Republic (UAR ) combined to the new state of North Yemen joined on 8 March 1958 as Confederate partner, making the United Arab States arose.

Provided, the coordination of economic, trade and foreign policy. As the highest body of the VAS of the Supreme Council was formed, the parity was composed of six representatives of Yemen and six VAR representatives.

However, the Supreme Council met only the beginning. The Feudal Kingdom opposed the socialist reforms of the Republic. When Egypt were involved in the Imam's absence to a cure in Italy in the power struggles between Imam Ahmad ibn Yahya and his son used to regent Muhammad al- Badr, the Yemeni- Egyptian relations from the summer of 1959 deteriorated. Moved in June 1960, the Imam Yemeni representatives withdrew from the Federation Council.

After September 1961, the United Arab Republic was broken apart, the Yemeni king a satirical poem wrote in December on Nasser's socialism, which in fact the exit of Yemen from the Confederacy meant. Nasser triggered then the United Arab States formally.

The United Arab States was one of many attempts at Arab unity pursuit, after the overthrow of the King ( 1962), there was a renewed attempt association between the UAR (Egypt) and the newly formed North Yemen Republic (UAR of 1963 and United Political leadership ).