United Artists Records

United Artists Records was an American record label. It was founded by United Artists to release especially their soundtracks. The most popular items were the soundtrack of the James Bond and Beatles films and the singer Kenny Rogers.

1969 bought United Artists Records, the record label, Liberty Records and its subsidiary Imperial Records. In the following years the record label had successes with the artists Peter Sarstedt, Shirley Bassey and Hawkwind. After United Artists Records Medicare Arts Records bought up, the following artists were part of the repertoire: Don McLean, Paul Anka, Bill Conti and Gerry Rafferty. Through a distribution agreement with the label Jet Records the plates of the artist Electric Light Orchestra, Dr. Feelgood, The Buzzcocks and The Stranglers were released by United Artists Records. In February 1979, EMI purchased United Artists Records. This was integrated into the global activities of the EMI. The name of the record label went back to United Artists.

  • American music label
  • Pop Label
  • Independent label