United Christian Democrats

The Cristiani Democratici Uniti (CDU ) was an Italian political party of the center-right in 1995 by the Italian People's Party (PPI ), the successor to the Christian Democrats, seceded. Then - after the resignation of Berlusconi government I - the PPI had a majority voted for the support of the center-left alliance, which caused its decay.

The founders of the CDU were Rocco Buttiglione ( 1994-95 Secretary General of the PPI), Roberto Formigoni and Gianfranco Rotondi. The Uniti joined the new Centrodestra - party alliance under Silvio Berlusconi, which a few years later (2001) after the collapse of the Left Alliance, the Italian government took over.

Formed early in the regional elections of 1995 in Lombardy CDU and Forza Italia a choice community, which Roberto Formigoni received the majority as Regional President. He is still President of the Region in Milan and entered 1998 with a short-term shift to the left of the CDU for Forza Italia over.

Development to 2006

The CDU united in 1996 and 2001 with the 1994 already PPI cleaved from Centro Cristiano Democratico (CCD ) for the Unione dei Democratici Cristiani e di Centro Democratici (UDC ). This choice list that in 2001 about 9% of the vote ( 6 3 %), occurred in 1992, the European Party of the Christian trade union CISL at.

Today's UDC defined in the political spectrum in Italy - like their predecessors CCD and CDU - as Centrodestra (center - right) and was from 2001 to 2006 II to the governments Berlusconi and III involved. In the parliamentary elections from May 2001 and April 2006, she was a member of the Berlusconi -led alliance of parties or Casa delle Libertà Polo, the subject of the center-left electoral list L' Unione under Romano Prodi just barely.

Finally, go to the Uniti the CDU as well as PPI and UDC back to the Christian Democrats (DC), which had been founded in 1942 and in 1993/94 fell into their wing of the party. Two of them, the " Margherita " and " popolari - UDEUR " are more left- oriented and since 2001 members of the party alliance The Olive.

Party leadership of the CDU

  • General Secretary: Rocco Buttiglione (1995-2002)
  • President Roberto Formigoni (1995-1998), Mario Tassone (1998-2002)