United Kingdom general election, 1997

  • Labour: 418
  • Tories: 165
  • LibDems: 46
  • Otherwise:. 30

The British 1997 General Election from 1 May 1997 brought the first change of government in 18 years. The Labour Party under Tony Blair defeated the previously dominant Conservative Party under John Major. These elections were called " bloodbath" ( bloodbath ) for the Conservatives. They lost more than half of the previous mandates, including all in Scotland and Wales. Labour was the largest majority for one party in the history of Great Britain gain (179).

Several prominent conservatives, including several cabinet members were voted out of office. These included Defence Minister Michael Portillo, Secretary Malcolm Rifkind, trade and industry minister Ian Lang and Scotland Secretary Michael Forsyth.

The Liberal Democrats were the number of their seats to more than double, reaching the best result since the 1920s, when they were last time represented in the government. The Referendum Party, which called for a vote for the exit from the EU, while reaching more than 800,000 votes in fourth place, but could not win any seats. Nevertheless, she took the Conservatives away precious votes.

Election results

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