United Nations Security Council Resolution 1704

Resolution 1704 of the UN Security Council is a resolution on the situation in East Timor, adopted unanimously on 25 August 2006 at its 5516th meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

With the resolution, the Security Council, the United Nations Office decided to replace in Timor- Leste ( UNOTIL ) by United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor -Leste ( UNMIT ). The duration of the mission was set at six months initially and their strength to initially 34 military liaison officers, up to 1608 police officers and a sufficient number of civilian employees. Japan had the resolution introduced in response to the report of the UN Secretary-General dated 8 August 2006 ( document S/2006/628 ), in which a " multi-dimensional and integrated" mission had been proposed.

The Security Council appealed to its previous resolutions on East Timor, especially resolutions 1599, 1624, 1690 and 1703 and found that even after the formation of the new government in East Timor, the political and humanitarian situation, the fragile security situation and the high number of refugees reason for concern within the country.

The Security Council had taken note of the 2006 letters of the Prime Minister of East Timor to the Secretary-General dated 4 August 2006 of 9 August 2006 and 11 August, emphasized the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of East Timor and welcomed the deployment of international security forces by Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Of the planned 2007 parliamentary and presidential elections, he was expecting a step to strengthen democracy and stressed the need to credibly pull those engaged in serious human rights violations in East Timor in 1999 to account.

The mandate of UNMIT includes the tasks

  • Support of the government and other relevant institutions on the path to national reconciliation;
  • Support of East Timor in the preparation and conduct of the elections in 2007;
  • Restoring and maintaining public safety by supporting the East Timorese police and the Interior Ministry in the enforcement of the order, through training and assistance in building;
  • Deployment of armed police forces of the United Nations in three border districts;
  • Assistant at a reform of the security apparatus, including the East Timor Defence Force, the Ministry of Defence, the police and the Ministry of Interior;
  • Assistance for the establishment of the judiciary and the East Timorese coordination with international bodies;
  • Help in strengthening the monitoring of human rights and the rights of women and children, as well as reporting it to the Security Council;
  • Concern for the needy and homeless and their repatriation;
  • Implementation of the recommendations of the Secretary General in the prosecution and punishment of serious human rights violations in 1999 ( see: Church massacre Liquiçá );
  • Cooperation and coordination with the United Nations agencies and programs;
  • Development of a program of gender equality;
  • Information of the East Timorese about the upcoming elections and help build the media;
  • Ensuring the freedom of movement and protection of equipment, facilities and personnel of the United Nations and
  • Monitoring and review of the above tasks.

The present at the invitation of the East Timorese government in the country international security forces were invited to cooperate fully with UNMIT and from all political sides in East Timor were required to ensure the safety and freedom of movement of UNMIT and the associated personnel in East Timor.

The resolution recommends that the Government of East Timor, to legislate, to be free and fair, monitored, organized and carried out pursuant to which the planned elections and calls on the world community in preparing for elections to participate. The governments of Indonesia and East Timor are encouraged to continue cooperation in the Commission of Truth and Friendship, and to work towards the full recognition of the principles of human rights.

From the Secretary-General was requested to make a report on the progress made in the preparations for the elections and the implementation of the mandate of UNMIT to create, as well as any proposed amendments on 1 February 2007 at the latest.