United States Environmental Protection Agency

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( German Environmental Protection Agency ) or short EPA or USEPA is an independent agency of the Government of the United States of America to protect the environment and to protect human health.

The EPA was established under President Richard Nixon on December 2, 1970. Seat of the Authority 's Washington, Director (Administrator) is Gina McCarthy. The Authority 17,000 employees.

Should accompany the implementation of environmental protection laws. Since 1982, there is a OCEFT Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training abbreviated, its own law enforcement and investigative authority. She has received 1988 full police powers.


The 1970 launched Federal Clean Car Incentive Program, which attempted to put American studies for a hybrid electric vehicle, was - though initially strongly stepped up - stopped by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1976.

Some members of the Republican Party criticized the EPA because they allegedly threatens the economy and jobs destroy. They demand budget cuts and a curtailment of powers of the EPA. Paul Krugman on the other hand finally calls for the implementation of environmental directives, in particular mercury, but keeps up the fight against a functioning environmental agency for an ideological common now all Republicans.


In the animated film The Simpsons, the EPA is parodied. As a result of pollution from Homer Simpson, the EPA takes the decision to lay a huge glass dome over the fictional city of Springfield, which provides among the population for outrage, but which is directed against Homer and not against the EPA.

Already in the twelfth episode of season four, " Homer gets going " (English original title " Marge vs.. The Monorail " ) Mr. Burns is arrested by officials of the EPA, when he illegally dumped nuclear waste.

It occurs also in Season 13, Episode 2, entitled "In the beginning was the cry caterpillar " (English original title " The Frying Game" ) is short in appearance.

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