Universalism (disambiguation)

The concept of universalism, depending on the field have different meanings:

  • A philosophical doctrine that emphasizes the whole for the individual, or individuals can be inserted into a wholeness, see Universalism (philosophy)
  • The property of a religion, for everyone to be open, regardless of ethnic origin, see Universalism ( Religious Studies )
  • Sometimes universalism is also used instead of Apokatastasis, in the sense of " doctrine of the salvation of all men "
  • In sociology: rational statements or conclusions of reason are all valid and must be done anywhere (eg legal rights )
  • In the science of universalism is considered as a prerequisite for obtaining the ethos of science. Every scientific knowledge must be subjected to impersonal, pre- established criteria. Science can not (ie religion, nationality, gender, etc. ) are examined for characteristic features. Thus, the expansion of knowledge and insight to work, scientific talent should be encouraged regardless of the characteristics of the scientist.

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