University of Applied Sciences, Worms

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The Fachhochschule Worms ( University of Applied Sciences) is an economically - technically oriented college in Rhineland-Palatinate Worms.

Around 3200 students are supervised in 15 commercial and five technical courses of 67 professors and 100 lecturers.

The university is located west of the city center on a small campus. As part of a conversion project recently added bumped surfaces and garrison buildings of the American armed forces enable an enlargement of the campus.

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  • 2.2 internationalization of courses on offer
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Graduate School of Education

University of Applied Sciences

Number of students

Courses of Study

The Fachhochschule Worms offers degree programs in three departments ( courses see below):

  • Computer science
  • Tourism / transportation
  • Economics


The Fachhochschule Worms in January 2014 offers the following courses:

Department of Economics

  • International Business and Foreign Trade ( BA, MA)
  • International Management (BA, MA) and International Management in Practice Association ( BA, MA)
  • Retail Management (BA) and Retail Management in Practice Association ( BA)
  • Taxation and Tax Management in Practice Association ( BA)
  • Taxation and Taxation in practical composite ( M. A. )

Department of Tourism / Transportation

  • Tourism and Travel Management ( B. A. )
  • Aviation Management ( B. A. )
  • Aviation Management and Piloting ( B.Sc.)
  • International Tourism Management ( M. A. )
  • Business Travel Management (MBA)

Department of computer science

  • Economic computer science ( B.Sc., M.Sc.)
  • Applied computer science ( B.Sc.)
  • Mobile Computing ( M.Sc.)

Internationalization of courses on offer

One focus of the Fachhochschule Worms is the internationalization of courses on offer. Four business studies integrate study periods at foreign universities:

  • International Business and Foreign Trade ( IBA)
  • Tourism / transportation
  • International Management
  • International Retail Management

It has cooperation agreements with about 120 universities and other educational institutions of the tertiary sector in all countries of the European Community, the United States, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia.

University management

Board of Trustees

In the Fachhochschule advisory board of trustees following persons were appointed:

  • Fabian Engelhorn, Managing Partner of Engelhorn KGaA
  • Jens Guth, MP
  • Nathalie Hartkopf, Manager Alliance Sales and collaborations, German Lufthansa AG
  • Petra Jahn- Stahn Ecker, line General Qualification and Training, BASF SE ( representative presiding member of the Board of Trustees)
  • Adolf boiler, MP
  • Ismet Koyun, Managing Director of Kobil Systems GmbH
  • Holger Lemanczyk, freelance consultant
  • Günter Reichart, board member of the EEA AG ( presiding member of the Board of Trustees)
  • Pia Schellhammer, MP
  • Dr. Achim Schloemer, Managing Director Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH
  • Annette Suttarp, Consulting
  • Dr. Marcus Walden, CEO of Sparkasse Worms Alzey -Ried
  • Ass jur. Andrea Wensch, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce Rheinhessen

University Council

In the University Council following persons were appointed:

  • Stefan Feuerstein ( 1st Chairman of the University Council ), Department of Economics at the University of Applied Sciences Worms
  • Murat Gemici, Department of computer science
  • Thomas Köhler ( Deputy Chairman of the University Council, iSperto consulting firm and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Applied Sciences Worms)
  • Detlev stone binder (Deputy Chairman of the University Council ), Chair of software development and business engineering, computer science FB, Fachhochschule Worms
  • Roland Conrady, Professor of Business Administration and Business Studies Spec of tourism service providers, Department of Tourism / Transport, University of Applied Sciences Worms
  • Achim Osswald, Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences, Institute of Information Science, University of Applied Sciences Cologne
  • Angela Peter Möller, Data Center, University of Applied Sciences Worms
  • Wolfgang Redel, Professor of Int. Business administration, in particular the organization and production of international companies, accounting / controlling, Department of Economics, University of Applied Sciences Worms
  • Gabi Weber, DGB Koblenz, Region Chairman
  • Jens Hermsdorf, President, University of Applied Sciences Worms ( advisory)