University of Carabobo

The Universidad de Carabobo is one of the most important Venezuelan universities. It is based in Valencia, the capital of the state of Carabobo.


The University was established by presidential decree in 1833 by José Antonio Páez. Was then called the University Colegio de Carabobo. But it is only on 5 July 1836 that the university opens its doors in the old Hospital de Caridad, in the city center of Valencia.


  • Faculty of Law and Political Sciences ( FCJP )
  • Faculty of Medicine ( FCS).
  • Faculty of Engineering ( Página Oficial ).
  • Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences ( FACES ).
  • Faculty of Education ( FACE).
  • Faculty of Dentistry (Homepage).
  • Faculty of Applied Science and Technology ( Página Oficial ).