University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder ( CU Boulder short ) is a public university founded in 1876 in Boulder, Colorado. It is equipped with more than 28,000 students at the main site of the University of Colorado system. The university is a member of the Association of American Universities, and ranks among the best public universities, called a Public Ivy. The Economist rated CU Boulder in January 2004 as the eleventh best public university and as the 31st - best university in the world.


The sports teams of the CU Boulder occur under the name of Colorado Buffaloes in the Pacific -12 Conference. In addition to the college football team, the CU Boulder team maintains in the following sports:

  • Basketball (men and women)
  • Cross Country
  • Golf (men and women)
  • Skiing
  • Soccer ( Women )
  • Tennis ( Women )
  • Athletics
  • Volleyball ( women)

CU Boulder has more than 30 sports teams (so-called Collegiate Sport Clubs) that are not active under the name Colorado Buffaloes, eg Cycling, water polo, lacrosse, hockey, swimming, horseback riding, or even fly fishing. Some of these teams play at the highest national level.

Famous people


Nobel Laureate

  • Sidney Altman - Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1989
  • Thomas R. Cech - Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1989
  • Eric A. Cornell - Nobel Prize in Physics 2001
  • John L. Hall - Nobel Prize in Physics 2005
  • Herbert Kroemer - Nobel Prize in Physics 2000
  • Carl Wieman - Nobel Prize in Physics 2001
  • David Wineland - Nobel Prize in Physics 2012


  • Adolf Busemann - German aerodynamicist
  • Ward Churchill - Professor of Ethnic Studies, known for provocative statements on September 11, 2001
  • George Gamow - physicist and cosmologist
  • Stanislaw Ulam - Mathematician


Science and Technology

  • Robin M. Canup - astrophysicist
  • Vine Deloria, Jr. - writer (focus on indigenous American peoples )
  • W. Edwards Deming - expert in quality management
  • Alan Kay - Information Technology
  • Robert Widlar - pioneer of electronic music

Art, film and literature




  • Bob Beauprez - Former U.S. Congressman
  • Tsakhiagiyn Elbegdorj - former Prime Minister of Mongolia
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - President of Liberia, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2011