University of Costa Rica

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The University of Costa Rica (Spanish: Universidad de Costa Rica, short UCR) is a public university in Costa Rica. The main campus is located in San Pedro, a part of the capital San José. It is the oldest and largest university in the country.


The first university in Costa Rica was the University of St. Thomas ( Universidad de Santo Tomás ), which was founded in 1843. This university, which worked closely with the Catholic Church, was closed from 1888 rather progressive and anti- clerical President Bernardo Soto Alfaro, only the faculties of law, agricultural science, art and pharmacy continued to work independently. Only in 1940 a real university was launched with the UCR again.


Local applicants must pass a test that is constructed like the American SAT test. The result of this test is used together with the last school grades for admission to a particular subject. International applicants must have sign off their graduation certificates and Sheet Music Ministry of Education to participate in a matriculation test can.

Study life

The school year in Costa Rica goes from February to December and is divided into two semesters.