University of New Hampshire

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The University of New Hampshire ( UNH also ) is a public university with the main campus in Durham, as well as a college in Manchester. With 15,000 students, the UNH is the largest university in the U.S. state of New Hampshire.


1866, the university was founded as the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts in Hanover. After a land donation, the university moved to Durham in 1893. 1923, finally, the name was changed to University of New Hampshire.


The university consists of seven colleges and schools:

  • College of Engineering and Physical Sciences ( CEPS)
  • College of Liberal Arts ( COLA )
  • College of Life Sciences and Agriculture ( COLSA )
  • College of Health and Human Services ( CHHS )
  • Whittemore School of Business and Economics ( WSBE )
  • Thompson School of Applied Science
  • The Graduate School
  • University of New Hampshire School of Law ( UNHLaw )


The sports teams call the UNH Wildcats. The University is a member of the America East Conference.

Known graduates

  • John Irving - novelist
  • Jason Krog - Ice Hockey Player
  • Rod Langway - Hockey player and coach
  • John Lynch - current Governor of New Hampshire

Known high school teachers

  • Zhang Yitang, mathematician, he succeeded in 2013, a breakthrough in the twin prime conjecture
  • Kenneth Appel, mathematician, proved with Wolfgang hooks in 1977 the four- color theorem