University of Nigeria, Nsukka

The University of Nigeria in Nsukka in Enugu State in southeastern Nigeria was the first university in the country, founded and run by locals. It is the second oldest university in the country according to the University of Ibadan.


A law establishing a university in the eastern region of Nigeria was adopted in 1955. Particularly used for the university itself, the then Premier of the Eastern Region and later President Nnamdi Azikiwe. The University was opened on 7 October 1960 to the peak of the independence celebrations in the country. Princess Alexandra of Kent on behalf of Queen Elizabeth laid the foundation. The operation began on October 17, 1960, with 220 students and 13 members of the academic staff.


In addition to the faculties of agricultural science, economics, life sciences, humanities, law, medicine, education, pharmacy, sports science, social science, technology, veterinary medicine, environmental economics, economics and dentistry, there are the following institutes:

  • School of General Studies School of Postgraduate Studies
  • Institute of African Studies, Institute of Education
  • Management Information Systems Unit Centre for Basic Space Science ( CBSS)
  • Curriculum Development and Instuctional Materials Centre ( CUDIMAC ) Computing Centre
  • Energy Research Centre of ICT / Innovation Centre
  • Medical Centre, University of Nigeria Secondary School Nsukka
  • Works Services Department Centre for Entrepreneurship and Development Research ( CEDR )
  • Centre for Environmental Management and Control ( CEMAC) Institute for Development Studies (IDS )
  • Works Centre for Technical Vocational Education, Training and Research