University of Southern Queensland

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The University of Southern Queensland (short: USQ ) is a company established by the Australian government university, which is part of the state education system.

The main campus of USQ is located in Darling Heights, a suburb of the second largest Australian inland city Toowoomba in Queensland. The educational institution was founded in 1967 and received the 1992 full university status.

The USQ is known for its high standard of quality in distance education; these quality standards and qualifications experienced worldwide recognition. It was gaining among others an award from the ICDE (International Council for Open and Distance Education). The campus is multicultural in the highest degree, as coming from abroad more than 25 % of the students.

In distance learning students are enrolled from over 50 nations. Many of them strive for a higher academic degree or want to change their career prospects.

In addition, the University of Southern Queensland has partnerships and exchange programs with various German universities and technical colleges. Thus, a partnership with the University of Marburg as well as several colleges ( including technical colleges in Dortmund and Koblenz Deggendorf ). In addition, the USQ participates in the Hessen- Queensland Exchange part program that students and employees of the Hessian universities allows a 1 -semester and tuition fees -free stay at a Queensländischen University. This initiative is supported by the State of Hesse and the state of Queensland and has the goal to promote the internationalization of universities in Hessen.

The USQ offers courses from undergraduate to doctoral studies at five faculties:

  • Art
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Natural sciences


  • Atul Khare ( born 1959 ), Indian diplomat at the United Nations
  • Björn Jensen (born 1965 ), a media consultant, film producer and author
  • Maria Adozinda Pires da Silva ( born 1975 ), East Timorese politician